LED Inspection System
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Imaging Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
Use rotating Compensator (PSCA) configuration ellipsometer with 16-bit CCD camera to measure thickness, optical constants n and k value of thin films
FSM 128/500/900
Film Stress Measuring System
Applied to measuring the uniformity, thickness, and residual stress of film after film deposition process
FSM 413 /8108
Multiple Layer Thickness Measuring System
Semiconsoft, Electronics, LED, FPD, Solar cell, MEMS
Manual Prober
semiconductor R&D, electric failure analysis and manual circuit probing system
Hitachi Power Solutions
Scanning Acoustic Tomograph
FC bump soldering quality to check with bump crack or underfill with void or not, or BGA, Leadframe package, post molding to check mold compound with delamination or not
Thermal Deformation Measuring System
electronics, semiconductors and other products
3D automatic optical inspection
Semiconductor, SMT, automotive, topography, optical, medicine.
3D measurement inspection solutions for diverse production environment.
Laser De-capsulation System
remove the mold compound
Wafer metal layer resistance \ thickness measuremen
Germany,Suragus,Providing testing solutions for non-destructive material.
Bond Tester
Post wafer bumping, die attachment, wire bond, or BGA balling to check the connections or bonding strength and monitoring the process.
YXLON. International
X-ray Inspection System
quality control,monitoring post IC packaging, Lab. analysis , also can be used in PCBA, ceramic, LED, solar chip packaging